Teer Game Official Rules: Check them all

As you know that teer is a legal lottery game to play. However there are some rules, you need to understand before participating in teer for the first time.

teer rules

1. You Must be 18 Years Old

Please take a note that, you must not under 18 years old in order to participate in teer lottery. You see, teer is only for adults so teenagers are not allowed to participate in the game. It is very obvious that any gambling/lottery game requires age verification which is the 18+ adult age in India.

2. Buy Tickets from Licensed Sellers

It is all your responsibility to buy tickets from authorized resellers. If will not receive the winning prize money if your teer ticket is not authentic. So before buying the tickets, confirm the License number from the seller.

3. Maximum Two Bet Allowed Per Day

If you bet for maximum two tickets, that is first and second round. You may get disqualified for purchasing more than maximum number of allowed tickets per day.

4. Carry Residence and Age ID Proof

As soon as you win any teer game, the officials may ask for your Identification Proof (especially Age and Residence). Anyone who is playing outside Meghalaya or other legalized states shall not be able to participate or might lose betting money. So I would highly recommend you to have the original documents ready just to be on the safer side.

These rules are applicable to Shillong teer and Juwai teer. So remember the rules before participating in the next game.

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