Teer Common Number Calculation Method for Official Result

If you are new in Teer khela, you probably wondering how Teer official common number and result is calculated. First of all, We would like to welcome you on Teers.in and we are glad to explain the official calculation method in details. Let’s find out.

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Each day three different clubs of archers meet in an “Archery Shooting Ground.” Then, they fire arrows on a specific target on 4:30 PM sharp which is the First Round. Followed by Second Round at 4:30 PM sharp. Finally, the arrows counting process starts, and it works as described below.

Teer Common Number Calculation Method

Teer common number is very important for predicting the forecast result. So, in order to calculate the common number we use very traditional method for this.

  1. First of all, we check all the previous teer results of last 2 months
  2. Secondly, we should also keep our eye on the different teer clubs performance
  3. Now by combining these two data, we should be able to assume the next hit number
  4. For example, if teer result was 63 during the last month of 27th then it should be around 63 on this month of 27th.
  5. However, we should also check whether its the same clubs are playing on the same date or not.
  6. If the same clubs are playing on the same date, it is very easy to calculate the teer common number for the next game.

How Teer Official Result Calculation Are Done?

teer official result calculation method

All the arrows that hit the target are pulled out and collected by the elder officials. After that, they bundle these arrows in a group of ten. Now the official starts counting the arrows easily by simply calculating the number of teer bundles. Once the tally is ready, the officials ignore the hundreds from the count, and the remaining two digits becomes the winning number.

For the sake of simplicity, here is a simple example.

If the total number of arrows hit is 328, for example, the official will ignore the hundreds digit, i.e., 3, from the number. So the winning number is 28. There are some more example of official calculation

  • If total hit counts 473: the Winning number is 73
  • If total hit counts 344: the Winning number is 44

So, the officials use this method to bring down the entire calculation to two digit number. Finally, the officials announce teer result within 30 minutes.

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