Teer Khela Full Details: Everything You Should Know About it

If you are new to Teer Khela, you should know about it before you try it. In this post, I have explained everything about Teer. Keep reading to clear your doubts.

What is Teer Khela?

teer khela

Teer Khela is a traditional lottery game based on archery. The teer rules are very simple and make it a simple lottery game. This game is widely popular in North-east of India with the majority of players are from Meghalaya and Assam state. The game got legally approved by the state government in the year 1980. Since then, the player base is continuously increasing.

However, the history of this game was not the same. The game was started in mid 50’s era. People from different villages were participating in the game because the concept was very unique. But back then, the game was illegal to play so the audience base was very small, yet very enthusiast. Now, everyone can play this game without any obligation.

Before proceeding further, I want you to read my article on How to participate in Teer Khela properly. This includes official rules and guidelines.

Preparation of Teer Khela

Teer Khela is played every day except Sunday. A different three groups of archers meet in a shooting ground with the officials. They aged between 20 to 60 years. Each group has 20 archers so the total archers participate in a single day is 60. These groups of archers are known as Teer clubs.

These clubs come from small villages and take turns to shoot on different days of a week. In the same day, the archers participate in two sessions. These sessions are known as “First round” and “Second round” and usually shoot between 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM official timings, respectively. The archers get paid around Rs.300 per day as salary.

The Shooting

teer khela club

Once the command is given by the officials, all the 60 archers sit and start aiming from a distance of 50 feet away from a cylinder made of hay target. One archer can shoot multiple arrows. So the number of teers hit the target always result in between 300 to 1000. Let’s take an example of Shillong, these numbers are referred to as Shillong teer common number. Likewise, these number varies from city to city.

The Result

Finding the result is very easy. For example, if the total hit number of arrows are 478 then the result of the winning number is 78. They basically the result is the last two digit of the hit numbers of the arrows.

teer khela result

Different clubs have different arrow colours to make them distinct. These results are counted by the official by stacking them in a bundle of 10 arrows. It makes the calculation easier for them. The result takes 20-30 minutes to count and every day we get two results from two different rounds. So whoever bet the correct winning number, wins the prize money. You can check your result from the links below for different cities.

So we update all the results on a daily basis so that you get the most accurate results every single day.

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