How to Participate in Teer Game: Easy Steps

Teer has a very unique lottery concept and due to its fair play, there is always more than one winner. That is why the game is very popular in North-east of India. Now in this post, I am going to talk about the official way of getting participated in Teer.

how to participate in teer

So here are the easy steps to participate.

1. Know the Basic Rules

Before you participate in a teer match, you should know the official teer rules. Without these rules, you may get disqualify later or may not even get chance to participate.

2. Selection of Betting Preference

You should have your preferences set. You can bet in different numbers as given below

  1. Single: winning number lies between 0 to 99
  2. Ending: winning number lies between 0 to 9
  3. House: winning number lies between tens
  4. Pair: winning number lies between all two-digit and multiple of 11
  5. Forecast: guess the winning number of the first and second round both

3. Buy the Tickets

After you set your preferred betting type, you are now ready to buy the ticket. You can buy tickets from any small stalls or shops. However, they must be licensed to sell the authorized tickets. You can buy a ticket ranging from Rs.1 to Rs.99. The more you put your money on the table, the more you can earn after winning. The winning amount multiplies with your ticket price. So after you buy the ticket, now simply wait for the teer result to come up.

4. Claim your Prize Money

If your chosen number is the winning number, its a great day for you. You can claim your prize using the ticket you have purchased. You will get the money according to your bet.

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